Jess, Loyly Founder

How often do you sauna and what is your routine when you visit Loyly?

I try to sauna a minimum of once a week. I usually start in the sauna for 15-20 minutes and then take a cool rinse off. I drink as much water and tea and I can handle, I think we lose more fluids than it seems like during sauna. I take the opportunity to read an essay or short story while I’m cooling off. After my 2nd or 3rd round, sometimes I’ll do a cleansing face mask. I fee best after doing 4 rounds of sauna / cooling.

How does sauna improve your life?

Sauna is like a restart button for me. I love the slowed-down, contemplative aspects. It’s very meditative. It helps me shake off negativity, stored-up stress, physical and mental. Things that felt overwhelming are somehow less of a big deal after sauna. I feel like I have just gone on a long run, and I always sleep really well. Food tastes better. I am nicer. The benefits for me go on and on…..


Why use the cold shower after a sauna session?

A little bit of water does wonders for your body. Cold water therapy is shown to increase metabolism, enhance immunity, reduce pain, balance sleep cycles and boost mood-improving endorphins. It’s like a wonder drug, without the drug

“This can be attributed to the switching off of the vegetative nervous system as well as the stimulation of the so-called sensitivity centers in the basal areas of the central nervous system. After the warm-cold contrast, the vegetativum switches to the “trophotrope” phase, which is characterized by regeneration and relaxation processes and is accompanied by balancing mood,” explains Prof. Eberhard Conradi.

Cold water after the sauna is one the best wellness programs that exist. In particular during the hot summer months, you should not leave out this enjoyment. If you visit the sauna all year round at least once a week, it regenerates the bodies strength perfectly, it has a lasting effect on the immune system and the body can adapt more efficiently to the summer heat.